Conference Budget Templates

Set Your Perfect event With Free Download Conference Budget Templates

Today having a conference is a normal thing and it is even becoming an agenda among people who want to discuss the specific theme or topic. People attend a conference to obtain the newest information and ideas about a specific topic in their industries.

However, setting up a conference is not easy especially when it comes to budgeting. It is a tricky task. If you set your plan unwisely, you might be over budgeting that might cause ineffectiveness. Therefore, we also provide the conference budget that you can download for free. We also have some quick tips to help you with budgeting the conference.

There are some items that you need to pay which is called the budget pre-conferences. This includes certain things like:

  • The priority is the speaker’s payment because this is the essential thing why you are making a conference and the speakers are the hearts of the event. Especially if you will invoice the credible conference, then you need more fund to cover the expenses such as the accommodation for the speaker.
  • The operating expenses are also important from picking up the speakers and also when you buy certain items. You will always need this for completing what you need before the conference is being held. Therefore, add this expense on the list.
  • The material kits are also some aspects you have to consider in the conference.
  • The supplies and services.

Budget Conference Expenses Plan

Even though you have paid the expenses for pre-conference, there are still items to pay when the conference is started. Some of them are as follow:

  • The participants’ food and beverages are going to attend the conference.
  • The building such as venue that depends on the number of days you need for the conference.
  • Another equipment such as sound systems, lighting, seats for the participants, projectors and so on.
  • The hosts’ payment
  • The costs for the documentary team and other things that require service.


If you think you are limited on budgeting, then considering a sponsorship is a good option. Sometimes asking a sponsor to support your event doesn’t have to be fresh money. They can donate products that can help them introduce the product. For example, you are applying a proposal to the restaurant to help you cover the food and beverages. This will lift your burden on funding the event. As a compensation, you can add their logo on your banner or allow them to use their logo when delivering the food and beverages so people will no more about the sponsors’ product.

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However, applying a sponsorship is not easy. You need a promising proposal to ensure them it is worthed to invest on your event. Therefore, a good proposal from the format until the content is very important. You can start with our template that can help you break down the event details so you can ensure your potential sponsor. Our templates are designed professionally so you can include it in the proposal. An eye-catching proposal will attract them to read yours.