Cycling Instructors

Mark Cohen

Studio Owner

Mad Dogg Athletics Certified Star Level 1 Spin Instructor


“I love being an indoor cycling instructor! It’s an honor to lead every class that I lead and respect the trust each rider has instilled in me. This is their hour to better themselves and as a professional I had better give them 110% every time on the bike. There are so many different roles of the best Indoor Cycling Instructors; Teacher, Leader, Entertainer, Psychologist, Motivator, Cheerleader, Comedian, Choreographer, Friend and so many more . I spend hours developing and practicing each class. Why? Imagine if someone told you that what you do might actually enable someone to live a longer and healthier life…enough said. And oh yeah, it’s FUN to teach too!”


“If I were to describe Mark’s classes in a single word it would be “passionate”. Mark has inspired me to dig a little deeper, work a little harder and reach a little higher to achieve a goal I could not have reached the day before. His classes are filled to capacity with people who share his desire to be the best that they can be. He sets the standard for personal excellence and we all strive to meet that standard.”

Glenn Trunley

Mad Dogg Athletics Certified Spin Instructor

USTA ranked triathlete


As a USTA ranked triathlete and cyclist competing for almost 20 years Glenn iscommitted to work outs that make a difference in the studio and on the road performance.Mindfully choreographed hills, intervals and explosive finishes mixed with the hottest music remixes will inspire you to dig deep and reach new performance levels.Certified Mad dogg and Kaiser Spin instructor.


“Glenn gets it! He designs each hour with every minute in mind, maximizing my workout.”

Bernie Bernbrock

Mad Dogg Athletics Certified Spin Instructor


“High energy, entertaining, and lots of fun! You’ll sweat, you’ll sing, you’ll dance, and you’ll burn calories like crazy.”


“OMG! WOW! BDP! Bernie’s Dance Party was off the charts fun, challenging and entertaining!”


Jennifer Deluccia

ACE-certified Personal Trainer

ACE-certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant

Specialty Certificates: Spinning®, CorePole, willPower and grace™ and BOSU®

CorePole Master Trainer , willPower&grace® Teacher Trainer

500 hrs. RYT

EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist

Schwinn certified indoor Cycling

AFAA Group Certified


Jennifer considers herself lucky to have made her passion her career! Her love of teaching is electric and keeps her students coming back for more. Her teaching experience of almost 12 years and as national teacher trainer for The willPower Method helps to keep her students safe and motivated at the same time. Students enjoy her classes because they know they will be guided towards their own individual level of success. At the same time, students have the opportunity to engage in Jennifer’s positive and enriching cueing style that they can take with them on their own journey.


“Jen is so knowledgeable about fitness it’s scary. There’s just not anything she doesn’t know and not anything she’s not expert about. Her gentle being gives me great confidence that I can go a little further. Jen, you’re an inspiration.”

Erica Sparaco

Schwinn Athletics Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

Devotion Yoga 50 Hour Bright Spirit Immersion

OM Yoga Joining Heaven and Earth 200 Hour Yoga Certification


Erica’s cycling classes flow first out of her Yoga knowledge and quickly have evolved into true cycling classes in their own right. As a Schwinn certified instructor her focus on form and ride are parmount. Challenging and satysfying, well thought out playlists designed to give you one of the most solid rides you’ll experience. True to the OM Yoga Lineage, my classes will focus on the practice of flowing yoga asanas, paying precise attention to alignment supported by the relaxed calm of Buddhist mindfulness meditation. You will sweat, you will smile, and you will laugh, all before 7am!


“Erica is my favorite. She works so hard it’s just impossible to not want to give it your all. She knows me as a client, for that matter she knows all the clients, so it’s like having a personal training in every group she teaches.”

Judy O’Conner

AFAA Group Fitness Certification

APFA Children’s Fitness Certification

Schwinn Indoor Cycle Certification


I decided to get into fitness because exercising has always made me feel good about myself, and I’ve always loved that I could escape from whatever was on my mind for the time being. I love when a client comes into my class worried that they won’t be able to do it, and not only doing it, but digging deep within themselves and doing it well! I am proud to give them that pat on the back that they so deserve and enjoy watching them leave with their self-esteem a few notches higher.

I’ve been able to combine my two passions that have developed over the years: fitness and Special Needs children and their families. I’ve taken my experience as a mother of a Special Needs child and his sibs to pay it forward and help others who walk in my shoes. There is nothing more satisfying to me than to see a child succeed in an active, caring environment where there is no peer pressure, and to relay those successes to their parents. I derive great pleasure in relaying to those families that they are not alone, because that’s what was told to me many years ago and has helped me immensely!


“What I like most about Judy is that she’s totally realistic about what she teaches. She knows exactly how far to push me and when to cut back. And she makes me laugh the entire time. Thank you Judy!”

Michelle Goldberg

Rutgers University – Douglass College, New Brunswick, NJB.S. Nutritional Science

NASM Certified Personal Trainer

willPower&grace Phase 1 Instructor

TRX Suspension Training Group Suspension Training Course


As someone who lost 60 pounds and continues to keep it off — 11 years and counting!, Michelle understands the challenges that come along with drastically changing your lifestyle. She strives to help you achieve an awesome, healthy body that makes you feel amazing through workouts that balance a perfect marriage of athleticism and grace. Her uplifting, motivating, and supportive personality and innovative methods will encourage you to find a training style that suits your needs.


“I first took Michelle’s class by mistake and boy was I happy I did. She’s got this way about her that is just hard to resist. She’s so earnest she’s infectious. I’m always surprised at how hard I’ve worked when I’ve left and how much I’ve learned about fitness a long the way. She’s PASSIONATE.”