Cycling Classes

Cycle 3Sixty®: (60 minutes)

This ride mixes it up with flats and hills for the ultimate ride in indoor cycling entertainment.

cycling-classes-imageDesigned to build strength, burn calories, increase endurance, and tone muscles. Your journey will be led by an instructor who will guide riders of all levels, from beginners to experts, through this exciting and invigorating ride while allowing you to focus on your individual fitness goals. 3Sixty’s signature class.

BeginsCycle 3Sixty®: (45 minutes)

First Time Indoor Cycling?  Need a Tune Up?

Whether this is your first class or you’re just in the mood for a tune up, this how–to class will teach and coach you through all the basic moves and techniques that make a great indoor cycling experience. Riders will learn about form, heart rate monitors, cadence and mostly how to have fun. Let the playing begin.

2IN1 Cycle Too Yoga®: (75 minutes)


This 75 minute class takes you from the Saddle to the Mat…40 minutes of spin followed by 30 minutes of yoga. Cycling primes the muscles for stretching, a blend that makes sense. It’s like getting two workouts in one hour. After rocking to cycling jams, downshifting into yoga mode feels just right, and the poses lengthen all those places you get tight cycling. Standing poses like warrior one and two, along with the side angle pose, open the hips, often overworked in biking. Seated twist and pigeon poses stretch out the glutes and piriformis, which helps keep the lower back and knees happy after time in the saddle. Designed for all Yoga levels and all level riders. The perfect hybrid for your day.

H.I.I.T. Cycle 3Sixty®: (45 minutes)

This 45 minute classes explores the multiple benefits of H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training).

A few brief explanations here:

  • Intervals can be as short as 8 seconds and as long as 4 minutes.
  • The interval is all about effort exerted and work done and the rest is all about recovery – each are equally as important.
  • The intensity of the interval is based on effort and the harder you work (the more effort you put in) the more you will get out of the interval.
  • Interval training is based on anaerobic threshold and VO2max training – tests your ability to maintain a very high intensity workload for a short period of time to increase your body’s ability to work at high intensities for longer periods of time, increase muscular strength and power, and burn fat.
  • Resting metabolism can be elevated for 24 hours after a high intensity interval training session.
  • H.I.I.T. Cycle 3Sixty is as tough as one makes it and therefore can be modified by the individual. In short it’s suited for all fitness levels – anyone can reap the benefits!
  • H.I.I.T. Cycle 3Sixty is a great way to achieve great health & fitness benefits in a shorter period of time, build confidence from getting through a challenging workout, and become a more efficient/stronger/leaner athlete!

It’s about how much YOU want to do. (with a little push of course).

Teen Cycle and Youth Team Training: (60 minutes)

The 3Sixty Core for teenagers,only.

Your music, your time. Don’t even think about reserving this class if your knees creek or you need reading glasses to see this description. Must be 4’10″ to ride. Private Team sessions for teen and youth teams looking to build endurance and strength. These progressive team trainings are designed to build your team and your teams camaraderie!

EXPRESS Cycle 3Sixty® (45 minutes)

Ride the 3Sixty Express.

Short on time? Gotta go sooner than later? 45 minutes of Cycle 3Sixty is just the right cycle for when time is of the essence. These specially designed classes are not just shorter but tailored made to maximize and utilize the 45 minute cycle.

Cycle 3Sixty 75!®

Yes You Can!

“This is the 75 minute version of our signature 3Sixty Core. As always ride as easy or hard as you’d like. Better yet this 75 minute class allows you to leave on your schedule.”